CBD & its effect

11 13, 20

CBD & zijn werking

In order to be able to estimate whether the use of CBD oil is for you, it is important to first understand how CBD works.

Cannabidiol, one of the most important cannabinoids, is called CBD for short. The widely known CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. From this plant both the flower(buds) and the leaves are used. The many active substances of the cannabis plant are the cannabinoids. A number of these cannabinoids show a striking resemblance with various neurotransmitters (the endocannabinoid system) in the human nervous system. This immediately explains the effectiveness of CBD.

Nowadays CBD is widely used in natural supplements. It can be found in various forms in, among others, nature shops and vitamin shops. CBD oil is easy to dose and to use. A drop that is brought under the tongue is absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately. As a result, the oil is sold the most of all CBD products.

Another known cannabinoid is THC. This is a psychoactive substance that widens or constricts consciousness. We find this substance in weed and hashish, which has been used a lot in the Netherlands for relaxation since the sixties.

However, CBD is a substance that does not affect consciousness. It does not make you stoned or high. That's why you can use it in traffic and at work.

ECS was identified in the human body just before the end of the turn of the century: the endocannabinoid system. This is a neurotransmission system: a system in the brain that collects, receives and transmits signals to all organs in the body. The ECS functions as a control room, as it were. Here the release of hormones is regulated and if necessary adjusted. It is important that there is a central point for this, because all the substances in the brain influence each other — not just in the brain, but in the whole body.

It is, of course, no coincidence that this system was called the endocannabinoid system. This naming was due to the fact that the body's own substances in this system were very similar to a number of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The most important of these is cannabidiol — CBD. Because this plant extract is so similar to the body's own neurotransmitters from the ECS, shortages can be replenished very quickly. The body works effortlessly with this natural product to bring our entire system into balance and to allow it to function optimally.

Many favourable properties are attributed to the use of CBD, such as:

- stress reduction
- pain regulation
- positive influence on sleep
- Provides a better mood and more zest for life
- promotion of organ functions
- focus and recovery in sport
- concentration in study or work