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We have talked  about ECS in our blog before. The regulatory effect of ECS concerning pain perception, stress and mood not only has a positive effect on our efforts, but also on our relaxation.

For anyone looking for a natural product that promotes a good night's sleep or simply gives a relaxed feeling, our CBD oil is suitable.

Within half an hour to an hour the CBD is absorbed into the body and from that moment on the relaxing effect is noticeable for about six hours. CBD therefore promotes sleep at that time. You will experience a less stressed feeling and will therefore probably worry less and fall asleep quicker.

In the short term, the CBD can also help with focus and concentration for study or work, for example. A positive mindset will contribute to this. Caffeine in combination with the CBD helps to perform optimally.

Finally, the use of CBD will provide a general feeling of well-being in the long term rather than only at the moments taken.